Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions:

1.1. “Company,” “we,” “our,” “us” refers to Kab Removalist, a professional movers and packers company.

1.2. “Client,” “customer,” “you,” “your” refers to the individual, business, or entity availing the services of Kab Removalist

1.3. “Services” refers to all moving, packing, loading, unloading, transportation, and related services provided by Kab Removalist.

1.4. “Goods” refers to the items, belongings, or possessions being moved by the client.

1.5. “Agreement” refers to the contract formed between Kab Removalist and the client based on these terms and conditions.

2. Service Agreement:

2.1. By booking our services, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

2.2. All bookings are subject to availability.

3. Your Responsibilities and Warranties

3.1. Providing Accurate Information: We use the details you give us to estimate the vehicle and time for your move. You promise that the information you provide is accurate. Remember, our estimate is just a rough idea, not exact.

3.2. Fragile and Valuable Items: If you have things that can break easily or are valuable, let us know in writing before we start moving or storing them. This includes things like delicate items, precious jewelry, artworks, and valuable collections.

3.3. Checking Everything is Moved: Make sure we take everything you want to move. We won’t be responsible if something gets left behind accidentally.

3.4. Assisting During the Move: If you help during the move, like carrying things or assisting in any way, we’re not responsible for any injuries that might happen, whether it’s on your property or ours. It’s your job to have insurance in case something goes wrong.

4. Our Duties

4.1. Keeping Our Workers Safe: You need to make sure our drivers and workers get a safe workplace environment..

4.2. Breaks and Meals: When a move takes more than 5 hours, we get a paid 30-minute break for eating or resting.

4.3. Parking: We’ll park where you tell us to, as long as it’s safe and not in places where parking is not allowed. If the parking spot isn’t legal, you can ask us to park somewhere legal even if it’s a bit farther. If we have to pay for parking or get fines while moving your stuff, we’ll add those costs to your bill. If needed, you should get a parking permit in advance.

5. How We Move Your Things

5.1. Choosing the Way to Move: We can choose a good and sensible way to move your stuff, depending on things like what you have and where it’s going.

5.2. Delays: Sometimes, there might be delays because of traffic, road repairs, or if our vehicle breaks down. These delays are common when moving furniture. If we’re late because of something we can’t control, we’re not responsible for any extra problems or losses it might cause you. We’ll do our best to be on time, and we’ll let you know if there’s a delay, but we can’t promise it won’t happen.

6. Payments:

6.1. Full Payment at the End: You need to pay us in full when the job is done.

6.2. When Our Work Ends: Our “Working Time” doesn’t stop until our trucks are back to how they were before, and our driver is fully paid.

6.3. Payment Methods: You can pay with cash, Visa, or MasterCard once the job is finished.

6.4. Payment by Third Party: If you tell us someone else will pay, and they don’t, you’re responsible for paying what’s owed.

6.5. Overdue Payments: If you don’t pay, we might use a debt collection agency. You’ll need to pay the extra fees charged by them.

6.6. Security on items until payment is received:
If you owe us money, we can keep your things until you pay. If you don’t pay within 28 days, we might sell your things to cover what you owe.

7. Insurance & Claims:

Insurance Coverage: We have different types of insurances, but it’s important for you to understand that these have limited coverage. You should consider getting your own insurance to cover specific concerns. You’re free to choose an insurance company you trust. We can’t give you insurance or specific advice about it because of the law.

Claims: If you make a claim, you’ll need to pay the full excess amount for that claim.

Process for Insurance Claims: We can’t process insurance claims until you’ve paid for the service and the excess fees. We’re not responsible for other losses that happen because of damage, repairs, or claims.

Handling Claims: If a claim is approved, we might fix or replace the items without considering the decrease in value over time. Instead of fixing things, we might give you money based on the item’s value before it got damaged. This value will consider how old the item is and how much it’s been used. If we disagree on the value, an independent auctioneer or someone chosen by our insurance company will decide, and we’ll share the cost of their evaluation equally.

8. Damages and Our Warranty

We won’t accept any claims for damages if you discover the damage after we’ve finished the move and left.

Exceptions for Damages: We’ll cover physical damage caused by us mishandling, dropping, or not securing items properly, except in the following situations:

Electronics like computers, photocopiers, and lamps that aren’t packed in hard boxes.
Musical instruments without proper hard cases.
TVs that aren’t in their original boxes.
Glass items that aren’t wrapped or packed safely, including pictures and table tops.
Fragile items like granite or marble – we can move them safely, but we won’t cover them due to their delicate nature.
Flat-packed furniture made of pressed wood. Even with careful moving, this kind of furniture can be easily damaged. It’s a good idea to take it apart before moving. Moving glass or brittle items is at the owner’s risk.

Damage to Goods: If your items get damaged due to packing or unpacking that wasn’t done by us or our subcontractors, we won’t be responsible.

Vehicle Damage: If your goods get damaged because the transport vehicle is damaged by things like fire, flood, collision, or overturning, and our insurance covers the damage, you’ll be compensated only if we’re paid by our insurance for your damaged goods.